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Services & Fees



The First 50 is your chance to put your manuscript to the test. Submit your first 50 pages for a manuscript review and receive a full critique of your piece - first impression, would we read more, how to improve, etc.

The First 50 will help churn your manuscript into the cream of the crop - floating your piece to the top of the submission slush pile.







The Once Over takes your draft to a whole new level.  Get a professional opinion without breaking the bank. Your editor will give you feedback on all aspects of your piece and help you move it to the next step wherever you are.




This on-going support is all about continuity, development, structure, etc. If there is a way your book can evolve, you'll discover it with a Fine Tune.  Let us go line by line and show you what is really working and what could be even better.  BrInk strives to make your book the best of its kind, draft by draft.

$5.00/page (250 words)





​The Fixer Upper is editing for all writers.  No matter the stage of your project. Whether an inkling of an idea, or a full manuscript that just isn't working, I will be able to help you see your piece through to the end.  Let us be your sounding board, faithful readers, honest editors, and keep you on task.  


BrInk is all about finding that spark that makes your piece special and getting you to write from the heart of it. After an initial read, we will create a personalized editing experience together to meet your exact needs.  

Rates are based on project. Please email for a free estimate. 


If your book is complete and you are ready for one final professional edit - let us help.  A set of new editing eyes can make all the difference in a book's success.  Let BrInk proofread and boost your book to the greatest of grammatical heights. 



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