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BrInk Editing & Manuscript Review

Rebecca Ambrose



Rebecca began her writing career at Ithaca College where she earned a BA in Creative Writing, a BA in Drama, a minor in Women's Studies and a minor in Gender Studies. She went on to receive her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and has been editing in NYC ever since.  She has also spent many hours sorting through the manuscript slush for various Literary Agencies and has an eye for what rises to the top. She currently develops, edits, agents with The Culinary Entertainment Agency. 

Specializing in book length projects and structure development, Rebecca works to help all writers find their voice and the best way to tell their tale.  She will help you find that spark that makes your piece unique (and publishable).  Whether fiction or memoir,  poetry collection or essay, if you need a new way into your writing Rebecca is the gatekeeper.  By approaching editing from a writer's perspective, she is able to assess your particular needs and create an editing process original to you.

Rebecca is out to make editing affordable to all.  She has noticed a gap in the system and would like to be the bridge that brings you closer to your publishing goals.  Often the difference between finding an agent, or getting published, is one solid edit with a professional editor.  But if you cannot afford the average editing rate where does that leave you?  Well dust off that book you've had sitting on the shelf because this is your time and Rebecca is your accessible editor. 

Jessica DeMers Puk



Jessica’s love of grammar likely goes back to when she first taught herself how to read at age 3.  Since high school, through college, and to this day, she has been the go-to person for grammar and editing answers among her family and friends.  She graduated from Quinnipiac University with a BA in Communications and later earned a Copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego.  She is trained in Chicago, MLA, and AP styles.


Jessica specializes in giving your work the final proofreader’s touch.  She knows when to use a semicolon, how to avoid comma splices, and whether the question mark goes inside or outside the quotation marks.   From menus to novels and everything in between, Jessica will ensure that your grammar and structure are correct, consistent, and complete.




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